Sean Connery

Call him bond. Bald bond. Sean Connery, my favorite Scotsman, is the ultimate cool bald guy. Playing James Bond for a 20 year stretch, Connery was voted the “sexiest man of the century” by People magazine. That’s right, the sexiest man of the last 100 years is a bald man. Connery has won an Academy Award and three Golden Globes. He’s been knighted, and has been responsible for several additions to the vernacular, including “Vodka Martini, Shaken, not Stirred.”


Unfortunately, times were different when Connery played Bond. He wore a toupee in nearly all the films, hiding that wonderful, sly dome of his.

Young Sean Connery Rocks a Toupee

Fortunately, hair liberation is in full effect. The most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, has a receding hairline.

Daniel Craig continues a proud history of balding Bond men.

And let’s not forget this classic clip.

Talking about Connery gives us a chance to post a picture of Halle Berry. Relevant? Not really.

My Favorite Bond Girl

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