Jude Law

Jude Law has a receding hairline and and rocks the look better than anyone. This academy award nominee is known for his roles in movies like Cold Mountain and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Most importantly, Jude is considered a sex symbol by any measure, showing that the receding hairline look can still rake in women.

As a younger man, it appears he had a pretty decent head of hair.

A Young Jude Law


As he aged a little bit, like with most men, the greatness began to fade.

Classic Norwood 3


The hairline went north. Take note of the chest. Jude appears to be a pretty hairy guy, supporting my belief that body hair and hair loss seem to go hand in hand.

But pictures like that don’t really tell the whole story. When paparazzi are constantly snapping photos of you, of course some unattractive ones will come out. Here’s a picture of Jude on a recent SNL appearance.

Jude Showing Receding Hairlines Can Work Well


Not bad. He seems to look better with longer hair. He doesn’t have much thinning, just receding, so he can comb a little over to the sides and get away with it. Most importantly, let’s not forget the slew of woman Jude has gotten with over the years. In 2004, he dated Natalie Portman who rocked the bald look herself at one point for the movie V for Vendetta.

Not Bad


And we can’t forget Jude’s current partner, Sienna Miller.



Sienna Loves Balding Guys


God damn. With a girl like that, I don’t see how Jude could mind his receding hairline one bit.

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