Scott Van Pelt

Scott Van Pelt is a great anchor for SportsCenter who is magnificently bald. He mostly deals with golf, and has his own radio show. Back in the day, when he still had some hair, he rocked a nice, clean cut. You can kind of make it out in this commercial.

Scott’s a happy go lucky guy that’s aware that he has the greatest job on the planet. He talked about his hair one time on his radio show, recounting a story of a trip to Vegas where a drunk friend in a pool noted, “bro, you’re bald.” He recommended any balding man shave his head but joked he would give a year of his life for a full head of hair.

Van Pelt Calling SportsCenter


As his hairloss has progressed, he has decided to shave it all with an electric razor. He doesn’t buzz it like some men do, but still looks pretty good. The glasses do a nice job of drawing your eyes away from that shiny dome of his. It’s hard to say how Scott Does with the ladies, but judging based on this voice-mail, my guess would be not particularly well.

Being a SportsCenter anchor has its perks though. He has probably hung out with sideline reporter Erin Andrews once or twice.

There's a Video You May Have Heard About...

She belongs on any top 10 list.

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