Jason Statham

This bald english actor is a complete badass. Most famous for his roles in movies like Crank and The Bank Job, Jason Statham is notorious for doing his own stunts. Before his acting career, Statham was a world class diver and martial artist. He maintains the athletic build.

Ready to Kick Ass


Statham seems to keep his hair in a nice, tight buzz. He is obviously balding, but has the two characteristics – darkness and a thin face – that work well for bald men. He might look better with a completely shaved head, but I think the current look works for him.

Looking Good


I like the beard as well. With bald guys, anything that draws attention from the top of the dome seems to help. Glasses, goatees, beards – they all seem to do the job.

Being a total badass also helps with the look. For whatever reason, having no hair on top can give off a “tough guy” look. Bald men tend to have more testosterone flowing through their body, and testosterone can lead to hair loss, so maybe the connection is rooted in something.

Being a Badass


As you might imagine, Statham does pretty well with women, despite the hair loss. I’m sure the six-pack, millions of dollars, and English accent have something to do with it. In the past, he dated Kelly Brook, who also dated bald man Billy Zane. Any girl who has a quasi bald fetish is alright in my book.

Jason Statham and Billy Zane's Ex Kelly Brook


Makes me want to lose my hair even faster.

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