Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an author and  guru mostly known for his book The Four Hour Work Week. He isn’t exactly a celebrity, but has a huge presence online and some interesting ideas about personal development.

As a younger guy, Tim Ferriss lived oversees and exploited what he called “global arbitrage” in order to do cool things like win a martial arts championship in Japan and set a world record for Tango spins in Argentina. In fact, he demonstrated his skills on Reggis and Kelly. Tim comes in about 50 seconds into the video.

Back then, he had a pretty good head of hair. There were some slight signs of fading, but no real damage. A few years later, the balding picked up the pace.

Starting to Recede

He’s the kind of guy who thinks about everything, so you know that he must constantly analyze his hair loss. It seems like he’s worn a lot of hats since the hair started to go.

As a guy selling the ideal life, having any imperfection can be brutal, but he pulls off the balding look quite well. In interviews, he has referenced the “Batman logo moving across his head.”  I’ve heard him come out against Propecia, a popular hair loss drug. He feared it might have some negative health affects and admitted that his plan was to keep it tight and clean, sighting Ed Harris as a bald role model.

Here’s a more recent video of Tim, with his hair noticeably missing.

He’s still a good looking guy. Living in Japan for several years, Tim mentioned his proclivity for Asian women. I happen to share this love. Here’s one of my favorites, Daphne Joy.

Pacific Islander Counts as Asian, Right?

Not quite Japanese, but who cares?


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