Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry is a comedian mostly known for his role on The Daily Show. He got a pretty big hit recently with the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. Ridiculous title, I know.

Corddry used to have this weird strip of hair in the front of his head.

Not a Great Look

The strip is gone now. I think he looks better, but could probably use a complete head shave.

Slightly Better

Not exactly a sex symbol, but I think the look works for him. In Hot Tub Time Machine, he goes back to the 80s and gets with the same girls he did as a 20 year old. The movie makes note of his full head of hair at the time. I guess they are (fairly) implying less hair means a lower chance of getting laid. I guess aging in general does.

In the movie, Collette Wolfe plays a random hot girl in the 80s.

Collette Wolfe

Ridiculous body.

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