Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is a professional surfer.  He was both the youngest and oldest Association of Surfing Professionals (I know, it’s crazy such a thing exists) Champion. He has gone through quite the hair odyssey. In his younger days, he looked like an Abercrombie model.

Beautiful Locks


I’m not gay, but damn. That’s a beautiful man.

Not long into his surfing career, Slater started to lose some strands. There don’t seem to be any pictures of Slater with the onset on male pattern baldness, meaning he probably started shaving his head early on. These days, he shaves the entire dome, probably with a razor.

Shaved Head


Still a good looking dude. He obviously stays in good shape. I’ve always thought that having a thin face was crucial in really owning the shaved head look. Fat and bald reminds people of a baby. Athletic and bald reminds people of a badass.

As you might imagine, pro surfers are able to get some serious poon tang. In the past, he’s dated Cameron Diaz and Pamela Anderson and Gisele Bündchen. It’s hard to get a trio more impressive than that. Currently, The 38 year old Slater dates a 20 year old named Kalani Miller.

Kelly Slater's Girlfriend, Kalani Miller


Beautiful, exotic, just my type. Slater is a lucky dude.

Damn She's Cute


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3 Responses to Kelly Slater

  1. Kiana says:

    She is so lucky!!! I am cute and hottier-Slater, I’ll body surf with you in Hawaii!

  2. Louis pasoz says:

    Kelly is a surfing god.
    In my opinion, he deserves all of this positive feed back
    I have never heard anything negative about this guy.
    I only wish I could surf like him. So I will keep going out and ripping.


  3. victor says:

    good to see hes got a nice girlfriend

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