Ray Allen

Ray Allen is the wonderfully bald shooting guard of the Boston Celtics. A win in these NBA finals would be his second NBA championship. He has one of the deadliest three point shots in NBA history, and one of the smoothest domes in the league.

As an All-American and the Big East player of the year at UConn, Allen had a relatively low, straight hairline.

Straight Hairline At UConn

Allen would be drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. His rookie card reveals some thick hair with excellent coverage.

Covered Head

Allen would later be traded to the Seattle Supersonics (a great NBA franchise which would horribly become the Oklahoma City Thunder). By then, his hairline had faded a great deal.

A Slightly Bigger Forehead

A much higher hairline from his college days.

Currently, Allen has a very smooth, shiny head. It looks like he shaves with a razor. A lot of times, black guys can get away with just taking some clippers to their skin – the dark skin makes it difficult to see the stubble.


Despite the lack of hair, Allen is still a pretty good looking guy. He even stared in the Spike Lee film “He Got Game” with Denzel Washington.

Despite his hair loss, he has managed to land a pretty good looking wife, Shannon Walker Williams.

Not Bad

No skanky pictures of her online. Which is unusual for an athlete’s wife. Enjoy some hot Celtic Dancers instead.

Gotta Love Pro Sports

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