Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi’s hair is nearly as famous as his tennis play. He once obtained the number one ranking in the world, and has even obtained the career grand slam. In his book, he admitted that wore a wig at the 1990 French open. At the time he was just 20 years old. That had to be rough.

The Mullet is the Ultimate Hair Style - Business in the Front, Party in the Back

From his book,

‘I asked myself: you want to wear a toupee? On the tennis court? I answered myself; what else could I do?…Then a fiasco happened, the evening before the match, I stood under the shower and felt my wig suddenly fall apart.

Probably I used the wrong hair rinse. I panicked and called my brother Philly into the room. “It’s a total disaster!” I said to him. He looked at it and said he could clamp it with hair clips. It took 20 clips. “Do you think it will hold?” I asked. “Just don’t move so much,” he said.

Of course I could have played without my hairpiece, but what would all the journalists have written if they knew that all the time I was really wearing a wig? During the warming-up training before play I prayed. Not for victory, but that my hairpiece would not fall off. With each leap, I imagined it falling…”

It’s amazing that he was able to reach the finals of a major tennis tournament will all that on his mind. As he got a little older, he started to ditch the wig and embraced his hairloss.

Buzzed Head and Goatee, Classic Balding Look

These days, Agassi shaves his head completely and has no facial hair. The look works well for him – he looks clean, intelligent and professional.

Bald and Proud

That’s Andre with his wife, former tennis player Steffi Graf. She’s 5’9, and Andre admitted to wearing elevator shoes at his wedding so he wouldn’t look short. As you can see, he’s a pretty self conscious dude. Dealing with hair loss at such a young age must have been particularly rough. Now I love Steffi Graf, but she’s no Anna Kournikova.


or Maria Sharapova


or even Simona Halep.

No Wonder Female Tennis Is So Popular In America

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  1. That’s an amazing post. Thanks a lot

  2. Louis pasoz says:

    Did not care about Agassy after seeing SIMONA.
    What a beatiful rack

    Who is sleeping on those pillows.

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