Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney kicks off bald footballers week on baldingisbeautiful! That’s right, in honor of the world cup, every post this week will be dedicated to a soccer player who has lost some hair. Rooney is the 24 year old English striker that also plays for Manchester United. He used to have a decent hairline.

Gotta hate Man U, and England

These days, that hairline is long gone. He has rocked the shaved head look in the past, but he is pretty pale, so he usually just embraces his receding hairline. He usually looks pretty scary, but who cares, he’s a great footballer.

Balding For Sure

Not only does he have a receding hairline, but what’s left up there is starting to thin. Rooney will never be a pretty dude – good thing he’s loaded.

Being a famous athlete, you would think Rooney could pull some decent tail. In reality, his girlfriend Coleen Mcloughlin isn’t particularly hot.

Rooney's Piece

Maybe  his hairline really is hurting his off the pitch game. Or maybe English dudes are into this look.

After England tied the US, I heard that tired cliche “a tie is like kissing your sister” a ton. Kissing Coleen Mcloughlin shouldn’t be worth much more…

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One Response to Wayne Rooney

  1. paul says:

    why cant the english media stop being so fking obsessed with appreances its making society a really fked up place to be. everyone is starting to think like teenagers in there adult lives.

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