Tim Howard

Bald footballers week rolls on with the American, bald, standout goalie (or keeper for those over seas) Tim Howard. A hero in the recent United States – England draw, Howard is arguably the most valuable player on the American team. He  played for the MetroStars and Manchester United, but currently starts for Everton.

Howard is half black, and used to have that typical short black man haircut. He had a relatively low, straight hairline.

Starting To Thin a Bit

As he has gotten older, Howard’s hair started to get progressively thinner. For a while, he was in balding denial, and would rock the terrible “hair on the sides” look.

Hair on Top Totally Thin

These days, Howard shaves his entire head. He looks a lot better – he’s a pretty good looking dude and has a dark complexion. He could probably look even better if he shaved his head with a realrazor. Currently, it looks like he just takes an electronic razor to the dome. If you look carefully, you can still see the residual hair. Luckily for Howard, being half black helps minimize the shadow effect.

Bald Head

Howard’s wife is nothing special. Instead, enjoy this hot Brazilian football fan.

Couldn't Find a Hot American Fan...

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