Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is the bald striker that plays for France and Barcelona. One of the better soccer players in the world, Henry recently made international news when his handball helped the French team beat the Irish team to qualify for the World Cup. In his younger days, Henry had some pretty cool hair and an epic stache.

Never Understood Why People Would Carry Around a Boombox

As he got a little older, he decided to buzz down his hair. The crew cut worked well for him, especially considering he had a low, straight hairline.

Decent Hairline

Henry is now in his 30s, and his hairline has gone north on the sides in typical Hamilton-Norwood 3 fashion. It looks like he buzzes his hair with a number 1. He is still a good looking, fashionable Frenchman. Henry proves once again that for black guys, going bald really isn’t a big deal.

Funny Face

Being in incredibly good shape doesn’t hurt his case either.

Do All Soccer Players Have 6 Packs?

French Women are notoriously beautiful, and Henry has certainly taken advantage. His most attractive girlfriend was Nicole Merry, who as far as I can tell, is really just known for dating Henry.

Nicole Merry

Hopefully she shaves her pits.


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2 Responses to Thierry Henry

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  2. john says:

    who fucking cares about baldness, only loser bloke that are sad and insecure

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