Bob Bradley / Michael Bradley

So apparently the world cup is longer than a week? So why not have another week of bald footballers!

Bob Bradley’s bald head starts off week 2 of World Cup head coverage. The coach of the Unites State’s national team, Bradley used to play at Princeton and has since coached at the collegiate, professional, and national level. He’s 52 now, but the even in the earliest pictures of him on the internet, he had thinning hair.

Younger, Still Balding

Since that picture, he has lost most of the hair off the top of his head. He still looks pretty good for a 52 year old.

Bald and Bold

Bradley has high cheekbones, and a thin face. He still looks athletic – qualified to be a soccer coach. He’s definitely supports the “really good shape trumps lack of hair” argument.

Bob Bradley’s son, Michael, seems to be following suit. Michael plays for the U.S nation team. His club team is Borussia Mönchengladbach (say that 5 times fast).

He used to have long, wonderful hair.

Great Hair

In recent tournaments, he’s kept a closer cut, and there are some noticeable recessions at the temples.

Hairline Starting to Fade

At the world cup, Michael came out with a shaved head.


Michael probably looked and his dad, realized his future, and decided to start buzzing early. He carries the look well.

Neither man has been linked to a hot girl, so I’ll leave you with this picture of some USA fans.



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