Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is bald former French soccer player. One of the greatest footballers in history, Zidane has been a stand out for the French national team in addition to club teams like Real Mardrid and Bordeaux.

Zidane is probably most famous in the United States for his head-butt that may have cost the French the 2006 World Cup.

As a younger guy, Zidane had a great head of hair, with a phenomenal hairline.

As he got a little holder, his hairline started to recede a bit. Perhaps more interesting, each segment of his hairline remained straight, but the angles pushed back higher on his head.

Interesting Hairline

While his hairline remained relatively in-tact, a bald spot started to develop.

Typical Bald Spot

Luckily for Zidane, bald spots are relatively easy to hide with a buzzed head. Even with his slight receding hairline, he rocks a buzzed head and looks great.

He looks like an evil character from a movie

It looks like he buzzes his head with a number 1. He’s one of the better looking bald dudes you’ll see. Maybe it’s the French thing, but he always seems well groomed and confident.


That’s Zidane’s wife, Veronique, a classic French beauty.


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