Esteban Cambiasso

Esteban Cambiasso is the best player left out of the World Cup, and also one of the best bald footballers in the world. Although Maradonna left him home for this World Cup, he’s played a prominent role for the Argentina National Team in the past. He currently plays for Internazionale in the Italian League.

Camiasso, like all guys, used to have a full head of hair.

Cambiasso With Hair

As he got older and the hair started to go, Cambiasso was in complete denial. He grew his hair out in the front and did some weird quasi comb-over. Honestly it’s one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen.

Terrible. Just Terrible.

If there’s one message behind this blog, it’s do not rock the look that Cambiasso has in the above picture. He just looks sloppy.

Nowadays, Cambiasso shaves his head. He looks way better.

I don’t know what he’s mad about. Cambiasso is known for having a pretty even temper off the court.

Cambiasso shows that even for pale dudes, a shaved head works much better than the balding look.

Cambiasso is from Argentina. So is this girl apparently.


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