Louis C.K

Louis C.K is a bald(ing) stand up comedian. He may not be the  most mainstream comic in the world, but is certainly well respected amongst his peers. He’s one of those guys who never really became a household name, but his upcoming show Louie looks quite promising. He’s notoriously raunchy.

As a starting comic, he has a good head of hair, even if he is a ginger. Here he is doing stand up back in the day. It looks like the receding hairline might just have been starting.

These days, Louis C.K has lost most of the hair on top. Unfortunately, he still tends to leave his hair long on the sides. Never a great style. The bright red hair doesn’t really help take attention away from the baldness.

Looking Sad

Lately, he’s tried growing a goatee. A lot of bald guys grow facial hair, especially goatees. Sometimes they are effective in distracting from the head. I don’t think the look works really well for Louis C.K.

Pale and Bald

Luckily for Louis C.K, looking unattractive can be advantageous in the world of comedy. Very self deprecating, he looks funny, and it helps him to actually be funny.

As far as the ladies go, Louis C.K is divorced and his wife isn’t particularly hot. So because he’s a ginger, here’s a picture of the hottest ginger I could find, Alicia Witt.

Gingers Still Have No Souls


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