Calum Best

Calum Best is relatively unknown in the United States, but in England, he is a kind of male Paris Hilton – a celebrity known mostly for his celebrity. He modeled at one point, but hasn’t done much of that since his hair loss kicked in. Back in the day, he had some pretty decent locks.

Borderline Fabio Hair

As with most guys, after getting a little older, the hairline started to push back in the corners.

Receding Hairline Starting to Kick In

He is still a pretty good looking guy, and does the smart thing for dudes with receding hairlines – keeps it short. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, so the balding really doesn’t hurt him too much. With such a tight buzz, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the hairline is at, making it a very wise style choice.

Short Hair, Good Style

Like a lot of bald guys, Calum has a pretty hairy chest, bolstering the “lot of body hair = lack of head hair” correlation.

It doesn’t seem like Best has let the condition of his dome affect his party life. He’s mostly known for his love of drugs and women. He’s famously dated Lindsey Lohan, and after their breakup, the tabloids ran photos of him with two prostitutes and a ton of cocaine having fun in a hotel.

It was long and exhausting work to dig through all the photos of Calum’s ex girlfriends to find the hottest one. Someone had to do it. Ultimately I decided upon British singer Sarah Harding.

How Did Calum Let Her Go?

Just look at that body. That’s some pretty tight underwear. I don’t think Calum’s head is the only thing that’s bald.


Freddie Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg is a Swedish professional soccer player and male model. He has played for Halmstads BK,  Arsenal, West Ham United and currently plays for the Seattle Sounders of the MLS. As a younger man, Ljunberg kept his hair a little longer. He wore a red stripe in it when he played for Arsenal. Fans would chant “We love you Freddie, because you’ve got red hair, we love you Freddie because you’re everywhere, we love you Freddie, you’re Arsenal through and through.”

Receding Hairline Setting In


As his hair receded a little more, he decided to shave his head. He doesn’t use a razor, but looks like he keeps it at about a number 2. Considering there was an entire chant about his hair, this was fairly ballsy. After shaving his head, the fans did not abandon him. Instead they chanted, “We love you Freddie, because you’ve got no hair, we love you Freddie because you’re everywhere, we love you Freddie, you’re Arsenal through and through.”

Freddy Shaved


Even as a bald man, Freddie Ljungberg has continued to model. He’s a good example of a guy with a receding hairline, that stays in shape and keeps a thin face, and still looks good. He also benefits from a pretty dark complexion that helps him avoid that ghost look.

Freddie Modeling


I don’t think those abs hurt his cause either. Being bald hasn’t hurt Freddie with women. Among many other women, Freddie has been linked to Brazilian actress and model Elissa Sursara. Apparently, she did not mind the lack of hair one bit. 

One of Freddie's Many Accomplishments