Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry is a bald rock star. As much as I love a successful bald man, I need to call Daughtry out. The former American Idol contestant rocked a shaved head for the entire show. He never really addressed his bald head, but I just assumed he suffered from Male Pattern Baldness. Then, he casually admitted what we all suspected.

Watch the first few seconds of this video where Daughtry admits his hairline had faded.

Go Daughtry. He embraced the baldness, ended up finishing 4th that season, and ended up with a phenomenal post idol career. He was even nominated for a Grammy.

So what’s the problem? Well, fairly recently he tweeted this.

Not long after, he showed up at the Superbowl with decent coverage.

Daughtry at the Superbowl

What? Hair? Where did that come form. The twitter pic and Superbowl performance means Daughtry had a miraculous random reversal of Male Pattern Baldness.

I know what you’re thinking. Come on, cut the guy a break. His hair is a little receded there, he just decided to stop totally shaving his head.

Think again.

Daughtry With a Sharply Receding Hairline

This picture, which was taken before Daughtry’s tweet, shows a much more damaged hairline than before. Something is up. Daughtry, my bald hero, please tell me you didn’t start popping those boner killing propecia pills, or get a hair transplant. Man up, and rock the shaved head look.

Tradition in this blog is to end each post with a picture of a hot girl. Unfortunately for us, Daughtry is married to the same woman he was with before he even tried out for Idol. For that, I give him a ton of respect.

Sticking with the American Idol theme, here are some pictures of my favorite contestent ever, Antonella Barba.

She was a terrible singer.

They Didn't Let Her Dress Like This on Idol

But who cares.