Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the balding Vice-Preisdent of the United States. He hasn’t really done much as the VP, but his hair has done a lot over the years. As a younger lad, he had some pretty good hair. There may have been some possible recession at the temples.

You Know You're Old When You Have Pictures are in Black and White

As he got older, his hair would start to thin. By 1988, he would be very thin up top, in typical male pattern baldness fashion.

Joe Biden Balding

I think Biden could have gotten a nice buzz cut or shaved his head and looked alright. However, politics and Hollywood seems to be the realms where no hair can really impact someone. Americans haven’t elected a bald president since Eisenhower, over 50 years ago.

Maybe this was the reason Biden got hair plugs. He’s never admitted it, but it seems pretty obvious to keep some of his hair up top. Here’s a recent picture of him.

Joe Biden Hair Plugs

Magically, it seems like he grew back a ton of hair over 25 years. I know he may grow it out in the front and slick it back, but it still seems pretty apparent that he had some work done.

Joe’s wife is Jill Biden. Total milf.

I'd Hit That

Maybe the hair transplant worked out for Joe after all.


Governor Jesse Ventura

Former WWE star, tuned Governor of Minnesota, turned crazy man: Jesse Ventura has done it all. He’s always been bald, but the remaining scruff fluctuates wildly. As a wreslter, he had a crazy blonde horseshoe around his bald head.

Not a Great Look

When he was running for office, he shaved it off, looking clean cut and respectable. His head would remain hairless for the duration of his tenure at the governor.

A Better Look

I’m still not crazy about the Mika Ditka mustache. Still, he carried himself respectably, and looked the part. There’s a reason the shaved look is acceptable in nearly all facets of life these days – it gives off a  “don’t fuck with me” without being too crazy. Unfortunately, after finishing his term, things went down hill for Jesse. He started spewing garbage about September 11th being a conspiracy. I’m as cynical as the next guy, but really? These days, Jesse makes Glenn Beck look like Charlie Rose.

And the hair has followed suit.

What a Mess

As his words got crazier, so did the hair. That mess in the back signals laziness and a disregard for detail. Conspiracy theories aside, if he ran for office with that hair, no way he gets elected again.

Pretty Much the Worst Look Possible

I couldn’t track down a picture of Ventura’s wife. But he was a wrestler. Which I guess gives an excuse to post a picture of another wrestler, Trish Stratus.