Larry David

The most famous bald head in comedy definitely belongs to Larry David. David is one of the creators of Seinfeld, and currently stars in the HBO hit Curb Your Enthusiasm. He started as a stand up comedian, and judging from all the pictures online, his hair started thinning very early. Considering such a large part of his comedy is based on hair loss, I’m guessing the hole process was very traumatic for him.

Thinning At A Very Young Age

I would guess Curb is up there for most bald references in the history of television shows. David has talked about his bald brothers, his propensity for bald people.

As you can see from the video, Larry has really advance alopecia. I would say he approaches a Norwood 7. He also insists on growing his hair pretty long. It’s not really an attractive look, but a lot of Larry’s comedy is based on self deprecation, so the look, in a weird way, works for him.

Bozo Ring

The character George Castanza on Seinfeld is actually based on Larry David. George definitely had several famous bald moments on the show.

A couple years ago, Larry David had a viral video to help out cancer patients. Basically, he sarcastically claimed chemo patients take the bald sympathy away from the naturally bald.  He seems like a genuinely good guy.

In Curb, he has an unrealistically hot wife, played by Cheryl Hines. Milf for sure.

More than twice my age, and I'd still love to hit it


Louis C.K

Louis C.K is a bald(ing) stand up comedian. He may not be the  most mainstream comic in the world, but is certainly well respected amongst his peers. He’s one of those guys who never really became a household name, but his upcoming show Louie looks quite promising. He’s notoriously raunchy.

As a starting comic, he has a good head of hair, even if he is a ginger. Here he is doing stand up back in the day. It looks like the receding hairline might just have been starting.

These days, Louis C.K has lost most of the hair on top. Unfortunately, he still tends to leave his hair long on the sides. Never a great style. The bright red hair doesn’t really help take attention away from the baldness.

Looking Sad

Lately, he’s tried growing a goatee. A lot of bald guys grow facial hair, especially goatees. Sometimes they are effective in distracting from the head. I don’t think the look works really well for Louis C.K.

Pale and Bald

Luckily for Louis C.K, looking unattractive can be advantageous in the world of comedy. Very self deprecating, he looks funny, and it helps him to actually be funny.

As far as the ladies go, Louis C.K is divorced and his wife isn’t particularly hot. So because he’s a ginger, here’s a picture of the hottest ginger I could find, Alicia Witt.

Gingers Still Have No Souls

Esteban Cambiasso

Esteban Cambiasso is the best player left out of the World Cup, and also one of the best bald footballers in the world. Although Maradonna left him home for this World Cup, he’s played a prominent role for the Argentina National Team in the past. He currently plays for Internazionale in the Italian League.

Camiasso, like all guys, used to have a full head of hair.

Cambiasso With Hair

As he got older and the hair started to go, Cambiasso was in complete denial. He grew his hair out in the front and did some weird quasi comb-over. Honestly it’s one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen.

Terrible. Just Terrible.

If there’s one message behind this blog, it’s do not rock the look that Cambiasso has in the above picture. He just looks sloppy.

Nowadays, Cambiasso shaves his head. He looks way better.

I don’t know what he’s mad about. Cambiasso is known for having a pretty even temper off the court.

Cambiasso shows that even for pale dudes, a shaved head works much better than the balding look.

Cambiasso is from Argentina. So is this girl apparently.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is bald former French soccer player. One of the greatest footballers in history, Zidane has been a stand out for the French national team in addition to club teams like Real Mardrid and Bordeaux.

Zidane is probably most famous in the United States for his head-butt that may have cost the French the 2006 World Cup.

As a younger guy, Zidane had a great head of hair, with a phenomenal hairline.

As he got a little holder, his hairline started to recede a bit. Perhaps more interesting, each segment of his hairline remained straight, but the angles pushed back higher on his head.

Interesting Hairline

While his hairline remained relatively in-tact, a bald spot started to develop.

Typical Bald Spot

Luckily for Zidane, bald spots are relatively easy to hide with a buzzed head. Even with his slight receding hairline, he rocks a buzzed head and looks great.

He looks like an evil character from a movie

It looks like he buzzes his head with a number 1. He’s one of the better looking bald dudes you’ll see. Maybe it’s the French thing, but he always seems well groomed and confident.


That’s Zidane’s wife, Veronique, a classic French beauty.

Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka is the 31 year old bald striker for Chelsea and the French National Team. Ankela recently made headlines after getting in a fight with his coach and being dismissed from the World Cup.

As a younger player, Anelka has a pretty good hairline. He had great coverage with a low, straight hairline.

Why The Long Face?

These days, Anelka has a glorious, smooth, shiny dome. He obviously takes a razor to his head, and one never sees a single hair on his head.


Anelka obviously looks great. Balding is so easy on black guys.

His wife’s name is Barbara Anelka. I’d tear it up for sure.

Barbara Anelka Looking Good

Maybe Nicolas Anelka isn’t bald – he’s a solar powered sex machine.

Bob Bradley / Michael Bradley

So apparently the world cup is longer than a week? So why not have another week of bald footballers!

Bob Bradley’s bald head starts off week 2 of World Cup head coverage. The coach of the Unites State’s national team, Bradley used to play at Princeton and has since coached at the collegiate, professional, and national level. He’s 52 now, but the even in the earliest pictures of him on the internet, he had thinning hair.

Younger, Still Balding

Since that picture, he has lost most of the hair off the top of his head. He still looks pretty good for a 52 year old.

Bald and Bold

Bradley has high cheekbones, and a thin face. He still looks athletic – qualified to be a soccer coach. He’s definitely supports the “really good shape trumps lack of hair” argument.

Bob Bradley’s son, Michael, seems to be following suit. Michael plays for the U.S nation team. His club team is Borussia Mönchengladbach (say that 5 times fast).

He used to have long, wonderful hair.

Great Hair

In recent tournaments, he’s kept a closer cut, and there are some noticeable recessions at the temples.

Hairline Starting to Fade

At the world cup, Michael came out with a shaved head.


Michael probably looked and his dad, realized his future, and decided to start buzzing early. He carries the look well.

Neither man has been linked to a hot girl, so I’ll leave you with this picture of some USA fans.


Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is the bald striker that plays for France and Barcelona. One of the better soccer players in the world, Henry recently made international news when his handball helped the French team beat the Irish team to qualify for the World Cup. In his younger days, Henry had some pretty cool hair and an epic stache.

Never Understood Why People Would Carry Around a Boombox

As he got a little older, he decided to buzz down his hair. The crew cut worked well for him, especially considering he had a low, straight hairline.

Decent Hairline

Henry is now in his 30s, and his hairline has gone north on the sides in typical Hamilton-Norwood 3 fashion. It looks like he buzzes his hair with a number 1. He is still a good looking, fashionable Frenchman. Henry proves once again that for black guys, going bald really isn’t a big deal.

Funny Face

Being in incredibly good shape doesn’t hurt his case either.

Do All Soccer Players Have 6 Packs?

French Women are notoriously beautiful, and Henry has certainly taken advantage. His most attractive girlfriend was Nicole Merry, who as far as I can tell, is really just known for dating Henry.

Nicole Merry

Hopefully she shaves her pits.