Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is the bald comedian mostly known for hosting Deal or No Deal and serving on a judge on America’s Got Talent. As a younger man, Mandel had guest roles and producing jobs on several television shows. Before he rocked the bald look, he had some pretty funky, curly hair.

Howie Mandel Rockin the Jew Fro

Howie Mandel suffers from mysophbia, an extreme fear of germs. He refuses to shake hands with anyone, and is even apprehensive to turn door knobs.

What’s really interesting, is that Howie Mandel does not have Male Pattern baldness. On the Howard Stern show, he said that he was never balding but shaved his head because of his mysophobia. Apparently, a shaved head makes him feel cleaner.

At first I was skeptical of the “I shave my head to feel cleaner” story. For whatever reasons, guys are often ashamed to admit that they have Male Pattern Baldness. However, after searching the internet for a picture of Howie Mandel balding, I couldn’t find anything. With every picture, he either has a full head of hair or is completely shaved.

The look works well for him. If anything, it makes him recognizable. There are a lot of game show hosts, but only one game show host with a shaved head. The CEO of El Pollo Loco Stephen Carley has said his shaved head is an advantage because of “personal branding.” I also like the soul patch. Bald guys use a lot of things – glasses, beards, goatees – to draw attention away from their head. The soul patch is a unique way to accomplish this goal.

Howie Mandel’s show Deal or No Deal is notorious for using hot girls. One such “briefcase model” is Donna Feldman, who has done modeling in other sectors.

Dona Feldman Has Some Tig Ol' Bitties



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  1. sol says:

    His hairline looks receded in the fro pic.

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